Technetium Generator

SDS GEN (99Mo-99mTc Radionuclide Column Generator Dry Type)



Parent nuclide: Sodium molybdate (Na99MoO4) 7.5-30 GBq per generator (Mo-99 radioactivity at calibration date)

Daughter nuclide: 99mTc- Sodium pertechnetate (Na99mTcO4) derived from 99Mo/99mTc generator system


"SDS GEN” is a 99Mo-99mTc generator, containing a glass column, filled with acidic aluminium oxide (Al2O3), on which fission Molybdenum-99 (Na299MoO4) is adsorbed. The column is placed inside lead shielding, which assures the protection against radiation and safe use.

Generator is equipped with microbiological filter which assures sterility of the eluate when stored under proper conditions. Elution time varies from 3 minutes for eluate volume 4.0 ml to up to 5 minutes for eluate volume 10.0 ml.

The column is dried by air flow after the elution is finished. Leaving the column in a dry state prevents water radiolysis which would increase generator’s efficiency and quality of eluate.

Technetium 99m (99mTc) formed by the decay of 99Mo, is a radioactive isotope having a half-life of 6.007 hours. After eluting by 0.9% NaCl solution, 99mTc Sodium Pertechnetate solution which is isotonic, colorless, clear, sterile, non-pyrogenic and suitable for I.V. injection is obtained. (99mTc) Sodium Pertechnetate solution can be administrated to the patients directly as a diagnostic agent or for labeling the kits.

Calibration Activities
Production Days
Calibration Day
Shelf Life
Eluate (Na99mTcO4)
108, 150, 200, 216, 250, 270, 300, 324, 350, 400, 432, 500, 540 mCi of  99mTc
As per customer requirement from the day of production.
14 days from the date of calibration
12 hours after elution time

Contents of the Package

  • 1-unit 99Mo/99mTc generator in a Type-A package.
  • 10 sterile, bacterial endotoxin free, vacuum vials having capacity of 10ml.
  • 10 sterile, bacterial endotoxins free, vials with eluent having 10ml of 0.9 % solution of isotonic saline.
  • 10 nos. elution labels for lead shields.
  • 10 nos. of swabs with 70 % Isopropyl Alcohol.
  • Technical leaflet.
  • Dispatch and Declaration note.
  • One lead canister (for eluent vial) is provided along with first order of SDS GEN.

Disposal of Radioactive Waste Material

  • Disposal of radioactive waste material has to be made in accordance with AERB / local govt. regulations.
  • The empty 99mTc generator as such will be taken back by us for disposal and is the property of SDS Life Sciences.

Storage Requirements


At room temperature below 25oC, in lead shield (Do not freeze)

Eluate (Na99mTcO4)

At room temperature below 25oC, protected from light in lead shield


Type-A package

conforms to all dosage & safety guidelines and regulations laid down by AERB.






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